bleakhouseBleak House Museam
Bleak House was originally constructed for the Slade family and later became the principal residence for Henry J. Earle and family from 1897 to 1967. The old home has seriously deteriorated by the 1980’s however, the town was able to restore the structure. Bleak House is an enjoyable and educational experience. Bleak House was one of the first buildings to be registered as an official heritage structure by the province. In fact, it was the first structure in the province to be completed under the restoration program of the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is speculated the house may have gotten it’s name from a similar structure which is described in a novel by Charles Dickens.

schoolhouseSchool House Museum
The School House Museum may well be “one of a 
kind” within the province. This one-room structure 
was erected in 1888 and had an official opening  
the next year.  Father Walker, who was the Roman Catholic Parish Priest from 1886 to 1892, performed the dedication.  This was one of the first Roman Catholic Schools in rural  Newfoundland and one of the few buildings of its kind which remain today.  The school now looks much as it would have been a century ago,
with old texts and desks, an old potbelly stove,
old style organ and other furnishings.

marconiFogo Wireless Replay Interpretation Centre
Perched high on the hill overlooking the community of Fogo, the centre provides a panoramic view of the historic town. The displays within present a vivid look at Fogo’s past including the fishery, two world wars, native people and wireless telegraphy.

brimstoneheadBrimstone Head
The California-based Flat Earth Society promotes Brimstone Head as one of the four corners of the earth. Such a revelation has attracted numerous visitors to the site. The Brimstone Head site was a religious site and a look out for aboriginal people as well as a navigational beacon for mariners as described in the Wadham Song.

churchesWithin the centre of Fogo there are three historic churches – St. Andrew’s Anglican Church (pictured) built in 1915-1918, Our Lady of the Snow Roman Catholic Church built in 1897, and Fogo United Church build in 1877 (Fogo United Church is not in use today). This chichi was turned over to the town and subsequently restored through a grant from ACOA. The churches add a great deal to the ambience of the
community, as do many of the older structures
which are still in tact today.

Fogo Battery
Located on the North side of Fogo, the Fogo Battery was built during the 1700’s to protect Fogo from American privateers and French warships that protected the French shore. The view from the Battery is spectacular featuring ice bergs, offshore islands, whales and many species of sea birds.

The Experience Fogo Site
Fogo ExperienceLocated on the former site of Old Cottage Hospital, the experience Fogo site presents a pictorial summary of the essence of Fogo itself. The buildings reflect past architecture while inside displayed for all to see are artifacts of all past town activities. A large old stage brings the past into the present and with surrounding structures present a visual of the early fishery.