Walking trails

lionsdenLion’s Den Trail
Lion’s Den trail leads to the old resettled communities of Lock’s Cove, Eastern Tickle, Shoal Tickle and Lion’s Den. These communities were populated from the early 1800’s until the mid 20th century. The trail contains bridges, boardwalks and lookouts to enhance the hiking experience while retaining it’s pristine nature. Signage has been erected presenting photographs
of how the towns once looked. The Marconi site is
also located along this trail. (5.4km loop)

fogoheadFogo Head Trail
The Fogo Head trail is a challenge to the most avid hiker. Much of the trail is vertical and the rocky terrain further enhances the challenging walk. The view from the top is breathtaking. (5km loop)

brimstoneheadtrailBrimstone Head
The end result of a hike up this trail is a poetical experience. To the Westwards lies our fellow neighbours in Change Islands and the historical Fogo fishing “Bight”, off to the north can be seen Twillingate and on a clear day Cape John. In early August just below and towards the east, the Brimstone Head Festival is in full swing and Brimstone Head is the best seat in the house. (2km)

Waterman’s Trail
Waterman’s Brook trail begins with an opportunity for a reflective pause as we pass several cemeteries and then takes us on a journey punctuated with small trouting ponds that lead to a small waterfall near the homestead of a former family of Waterman’s. It was used by early residents of Deep Bay to visit Fogo when boat travel was not possible during inclement weather. (5.7km)